Vintage Wedding Hire Perth

    Are you looking for vintage furniture hire in Perth for your wedding or big event?

    At Outkast Hire, we can supply you with beautiful custom-made and environmentally sustainable outdoor furniture for hire. We have achieved the enormous task of using ecological raw materials while maintaining an environmentally friendly manufacturing process. We repurpose the surplus of timber in the logistics industry, reducing waste and eliminating the need to fell more trees. The end product is beautifully rustic, vintage style furniture that is environmentally sustainable and affordable. Why not visit us for vintage wedding hire in Perth?

    If you are interested in hiring high quality, stunning outdoor furniture made from recycled materials, then look no further. We offer a range of vintage furniture for hire in Perth including lounges, benches, coffee tables, wine barrels, arbours, ceremony seating, pallet furniture hire and much more.

    Quality Vintage Wedding Furniture Hire in Perth

    As a family business, we aim to add a unique touch to those special moments that bring family and friends together. It is our mission to bring you beautifully unique and environmentally sustainable outdoor furniture at an affordable price. Our range of unique, rustic outdoor furniture will give a classy vintage touch to your event. We can help you plan your vintage furniture hire in Perth.

    Enjoy the satisfaction of having beautifully unique outdoor furniture decorating your wedding or event. You can also feel satisfied knowing that our high-end furniture is not only stunning but eco-friendly and affordable. We will ensure that the entire process of booking your furniture hire needs is seamless, timely and professional. Add a special touch to your next big event or wedding with our unique range of outdoor vintage wedding hire in Perth and contact us here.

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