Rustic Wedding Hire Perth

    Are you looking for rustic furniture hire in Perth for your wedding or another significant event?

    At Outkast Hire, we offer a unique range of custom-made furniture that we source from recycled and sustainable products. We take pride in being the only event hire company that provides environmentally sustainable products. Our focus is on supplying comfortable, rustic outdoor furniture crafted from recycled timber. Our primary clientele is corporate events, festivals and weddings. Why not visit us for rustic wedding hire in Perth?

    Unique Rustic Wedding Furniture Hire in Perth

    We are a family owned business who treasures moments that bring family and friends together. We have made it our mission to help create events that are unique and inspiring – whether you’re having a big corporate event, birthday or wedding. You can enjoy the feeling of having all the planning pay off for the perfect wedding day, with the satisfaction of having unique furniture making your event one to remember. We offer high quality service and a range of unique products. Our range includes outdoor furniture hire, pallet furniture hire, wine barrel hire, outdoor lounge hire and more. We can help you with your rustic wedding hire in Perth.


    We operate on the premise of providing the public with beautiful, unique, high quality furniture that is also environmentally sustainable. Our manufacturing process uses recycled timer to provide outdoor furniture that is both luxurious and durable. Our recycled products help to keep our costs low – this means that you can expect high quality furniture to hire at an affordable price. Our business has flourished to the point where our products are in high demand in the events industry. For rustic wedding hire in Perth contact us here.

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