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    Find all the Event and Wedding Furniture You Need for Hire at Outkast Hire in Perth

    Lovely, a party, wedding, festival or another kind of event is coming up. Perhaps not so lovely if you’ve been appointed to organise it all. Where to start, you wonder as you tremble and wipe cold sweat from your brow. Relax! If you prepare it well, your event cannot go wrong. We’re here to lend you a helping hand.

    Where to Start?

    While some may rejoice when given carte blanche to organise an event, doing whatever you please may be daunting to others. We will not suggest you start with the furniture, however, even though this is our line of business. No matter which location you’ll decide upon, the tables and chairs from Outkast Hire will always fit in. No event furniture for hire in Perth is as versatile as ours.

    Our advice to you is to start by seeking a suitable location. Booking a venue that’s centrally located and not too far away from where you and your guests live, is always practical. Call up or email at least three suitable candidates that offer a price to match your budget. To compare prices, it may be practical to enter all the details into a spreadsheet. Some rental companies will offer you their location for a low price but ask more for food and drinks. Others will include decoration or other options which are either extremely practical or not necessary at all.


    Style, Theme, Decoration and More

    Once you have signed your contract with the rental company, your venue is secured. Now you can consider the other elements. Start by choosing a specific style and theme for your event. Do you prefer a modern, classic or innovative setting? Consider rustic too, especially if your gathering is outdoors.


    Just as important is the theme. Even if it’s a wedding, you may centre your event around a specific theme to make the experience even more memorable. For inspiration, browse our gallery.

    Your decoration may be included in your venue contract. If it isn’t, you can hire it elsewhere or use your imagination. Drawing a diagram of your planned event and seating can be useful to help you estimate the number of items you need.

    Food and drink are essential components of a successful function. An event or a wedding with hungry and thirsty guests would be a nightmare. If the venue renter doesn’t provide tableware and cutlery, tablecloths and napkins, put them on your checklist as well.

    The event furniture for hire in Perth

    Now you are ready to contact us and discuss the necessary event furniture in Perth, made from recycled and sustainable products. We’ll advise you so that you won’t have too many or too few. The environmentally-friendly items for your event and wedding for hire in Perth come at highly affordable prices. The installation is also included. Our recommendations, however, are entirely free. Don’t hesitate to profit from our experience, as we are happy to offer it. Together, we’ll make your event a success.

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