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    Function Hire in Perth for a Corporate Event to Remember

    Sometimes, to wow people, less can turn out to be more. Organising a successful event for your customer is no longer just a matter of inviting them to a gathering with ample pomp and circumstance, that leaves you almost penniless. That is unless you happen to be Australia’s sole reseller for European caviar, oysters and champagne.

    In any other case, create an occasion in a dynamic and interactive atmosphere, and ensure your audience feels interested and engaged. Produce an event they’re not likely to forget; this is what matters. Indeed, the consulting company Walker states that “by 2020, the customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.”

    Make Your Corporate Event for Hire in Perth A Success with Outkast Hire

    Few events are more memorable than those built around a theme. We’re not just thinking of Valentine, Summer solstice, Halloween, Christmas and other festive occasions. Consider a specific colour or a combination of colours as the central theme. Remember the famous French chef Auguste Escoffier and his famous dinner and white and pink for a feast at the Carlton hotel. Other possible themes are Back to school, Miss Marple (with a detective game), people in history, Mad Max, Fitness, Pirates, and so on. Whichever theme you choose, your corporate event for hire in Perth will be a success with Outkast Hire.

    Start by sending your invitation in the appropriate colours and design. Let your guests know that you expect a specific dress code. Stay consistent with your choice when buying decorations and when giving them brochures, gadgets or other items. Of course, don’t forget the function for hire our Perth company offers. Our furniture is highly versatile for any occasion.

    More Tips for an Event to Never Forget

    • Choose your location wisely. For example, you may have discovered a charming small event room for a disco party, but if 100 people don’t fit on its dance floor, dismiss the idea.
    • Always stay realistic. Does your event include dinner? Provide 60 centimetres per guest at a table so that they feel comfortable. For a networking dinner serving finger foods, you logically need fewer chairs but provide enough table space so that your guests don’t need to hold their plate and glass the entire evening.
    • Invite your guests on time. Start by sending them a “save the date” two months before the event to ensure that most of the invitees will attend. Let the final invitation follow one month later. After this, don’t consider your work done. You may be counting the days, and your mind may be on the preparations constantly, but your guests are forgetful. Most of them value it greatly if you send them a reminder one week before the corporate event.

    We have many more tips which we’d love to share with you. When you contact us, don’t be timid, and ask away. Together, we’ll make your event one that your customers will talk of long afterwards.

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